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NELFA, first Journées européennes des familles homoparentales (JEFH) 2010 (Première European homoparental families convention (JEFH) 2010) Paris, 17th and 18th September 2010, Espace Reuilly, Paris 12. The European Conference on LGBT families is organised by the Network of European LGBT … Continue reading

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2010-09-16: Call for civil marriage legislation

Gay rights campaigners have called on the Government to legislate for civil marriage for same-sex couples following an Irish Times /Behaviour & Attitudes poll which showed a large majority of people in support of such a move. Continue reading

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2010-09-15: 67% support gay marriage, 91% support civil partnership, only 38% oppose same-gender couples adoptions (46% support)

A poll suggests strong support for gay marriage (67%), a significant majority (60 per cent) also believe civil partnerships for gay couples will not undermine the institution of marriage. A large majority (91 per cent) also say they would not think less of a person if they revealed they were gay or lesbian.These numbers are consistently high across most age groups, as well as in urban and rural areas.People are divided, however, on whether gay couples should be allowed to adopt children. Some 46 per cent support such a move, while more than a third (38 per cent) are opposed. Continue reading

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2010-08-22: Campaigners in Dublin ‘march for marriage’

The LGBT campaign group ‘Noise’ organised a march to promote civil marriage for LGBT people. The Civil Partnership Bill, while allowing a gay couple to pay taxes as a couple, does not provide legal protections for LGBT parents and their children. Continue reading

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March for Marriage 22/08/2010@2pm (City Hall, Dublin) – last push!

Like before, our most active members will be marching with the crowds for marriage this year. Sadly some of us just feel too pressured to do so. For the rest, we will have white knots’ ribbon and safety pins at … Continue reading

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Civil Partnership vs Marriage… Tax-payers vs Parents (HRinI guest blog)

Human Rights in Ireland contacted us to write a blog about the Civil Partnership from the point of view of the impact on children of gay couples. Here is the link: http://www.humanrights.ie/index.php/2010/08/05/cpcroca-2010-naurice-on-family-protection-and-pink-adoption/ It has our guest blog but also read the … Continue reading

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2010-07-19: Civil Partnership Bill signed into law

The Civil Partnership Bill etc., provides legal recognition for same-sex couples in Ireland for the first time.
It extends marriage-like benefits to gay and lesbian couples in the areas of property, social welfare, succession, maintenance, pensions and tax. It also impacts cohabitating couples in general. Continue reading

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FAQ: "White Knot? Why not" – Where can I find the knots?

A lot of people asked us where to find them, and if we sell them. We do not sell them: we actually suggest you make it yourself. We found people are more likely to see it if you make it … Continue reading

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Civil Partnership vs Marriage… Tax-payers vs Parents

For or against the Civil Partnership? The Civil Partnership is a step forward for tax-payers, a leap backward for children’s constitutional rights. The Civil Partnership is a good thing, because it is better than what we had before: gay couples … Continue reading

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Argentina may be first in South-America to allow same-gender marriage

Since the 28th December 2009, 7 same-gender couples have gotten married in Argentina, and it started a legal battle between the religious groups who claim the Law does not allow it, and the rest of society who is more or … Continue reading

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White knot, why not?

Universal marriage? Why not!
Pressure groups for equal rights to marry have not come up with a strong public symbol.
This one is simple: a white knot. Continue reading

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Young Fine Gael president is wrong about adoption and marriage

Check out http://www.examiner.ie/opinion/letters/partners-bill-does-not-require-a-referendum-119366.html, where Barry Walsh (http://www.yfg.ie/walsh.php), president of Young Fine Gael, states that a referendum is needed to allow adoption by gay couples, or gay couples to marry. He is 100% wrong: the constitution does not define adoption, and … Continue reading

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