Your story


The best source of support is the experience of people who have gone through the loops and hoops.

You can provide as many testimonials as you want, and edit the existing ones.

You can provide new testimonials as new experiences occur, or comment on the existing ones.
If people make comments, please always assume that they are not ill-intentioned.
Please report abusive comments.

The idea of this forum is to offer a structured was to share your experience.
Each page is a theme about which you are free to express yourself, and from which people can ask you questions or react. I aim at creating the core topics by the 27th March.
It can bee seen as a FAQ about adoption in pink families.

There will be categories, and in these categories you will be able, as a free member, to testify of your own experience. Other members will be able to comment on them, which may allow you to elaborate further on your experience.

You will also be able to ask questions to which other members may have the answer by commenting on them(ideally with links to related ressources).


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