This information is provided by our members (use comments to add to it):
[easyreview icon=”bluestar” title=”Review according to legislation and to our members” cat1title=”LGBT friendliness” cat1detail=”Homosexuality is legal, and discrimination is forbidden. LGBT people are no longer actively oppressed.
But they, and their families, are still treated as second class citizens.” cat1rating=”3″ cat2title=”Possibility for single women to adopt” cat2detail=”Yes.” cat2rating=”5″ cat3title=”Possibility for single men to adopt” cat3detail=”Yes. But they will come under more scrutiny as the Irish family is still mother-centric.” cat3rating=”4″ cat4title=”Possibility for same gender couples to adopt” cat4detail=”Only heterosexual married couples can adopt.” cat4rating=”0″ cat5title=”Recognition of same gender relationships” cat5detail=”No. Civil partnership is envisaged, but it is expected to actively deny the children of ‘pink’ families the constitutional protection of the married family.
One positive aspect is that the unmarried couples, even though they cannot adopt as a couple, will be assessed as a couple.
The issue is not the people working with you during the adoption process, it is the law. The HSE staff involved in the various stages of the adoption process are recommendable for their LGBT friendliness. They know the best interest of the child better than the law does…” cat5rating=”1″ summary=”Impossible for pink families to adopt in Ireland, and impossible to get the children protected by the constitution.
The only possibility to adopt domestically is to be married, or a relative of the child. The only possibility to adopt internationally is to apply as a single person.”]

Links to the Hague status

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Link to local Adoption Authority

Link to local Adoption Agencies

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