This information is provided by our members (use comments to add to it):
[easyreview icon=”bluestar” title=”Review according to legislation and to our members” cat1title=”LGBT friendliness” cat1detail=”Gay men and lesbians are becoming more visible in Bulgaria, but the society remains very conservative in this area.” cat1rating=”2″ cat2title=”Possibility for single women to adopt” cat2detail=”Yes, including if gay. But it is unclear if they can petition if they are in a couple!” cat2rating=”3″ cat3title=”Possibility for single men to adopt” cat3detail=”Yes, including if gay. But it is unclear if they can petition if they are in a couple!” cat3rating=”3″ cat4title=”Possibility for same gender couples to adopt” cat4detail=”No.” cat4rating=”1″ cat5title=”Recognition of same gender relationships” cat5detail=”No.” cat5rating=”1″ summary=”Not the most likely destination, but a contender as it seems to be an emerging country of origin for Irish adoptive parents.”]

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Check out: http://irishpinkadoptions.com/reference-material/country-information/

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4 Responses to Bulgaria

  1. William says:

    Just wondering where you got your info for Bulgaria. I was in contact with the main adoption agency there and they told me it was not possible for single men or same sex couples to apply there. Be great if you got different information.
    See you tomorrow night at the IAA thing,


    • Will double-check reference.
      It seems I got confused with a project of allowing same-gender couples to register civil partnerships and adopt. It may have eventually not been passed.

      • Checked: I should have read the Bulgaria page more carefully.
        Single men or women can adopt, even if gay.
        But couples cannot petition jointly. (Nor can they adopt jointly).

        Therefore, a gay man is not allowed to apply as a sole applicant if he is in a gay couple. (It seems, might still be wrong…)
        I originally though that, like in Ireland, the gay couple could not adopt jointly… which would not have been an issue since this is the same as Ireland.

        I removed the star rating till we know better.

    • Have contacted a number of LGBT or adoption related groups to put the question to them:
      – single gay = OK (but unlikely in reality if men?)
      – gay couples = NOK
      – single gay in a couple = ??

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