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[easyreview icon=”bluestar” title=”Review according to legislation and to our members” cat1title=”LGBT friendliness” cat1detail=”Very negative attitude in the law and in the opinion.” cat1rating=”0″ cat2title=”Possibility for single women to adopt” cat2detail=”Not yet evaluated.” cat2rating=”0″ cat3title=”Possibility for single men to adopt” cat3detail=”Not yet evaluated.” cat3rating=”0″ cat4title=”Possibility for same gender couples to adopt” cat4detail=”No. Only heterosexual couples married a number for of years can apply.” cat4rating=”0″ cat5title=”Recognition of same gender relationships” cat5detail=”No.” cat5rating=”0″ summary=”Not yet evaluated. Will be updated from members’ feedback”]

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Irish Families for Russian Adoptions , or call 045 870063

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The Adoption Board is in receipt of the following communication below dated 13th April 2010 from the Russian Embassy in Dublin.

” I would like to let you be aware that the Russian consulate receive from adoptive parents and prospect adoptive parents documents for visas and adoptive dossiers for registration.

So the Adoption Board should notify the parties of concern that they can proceed to applying to the Russian consulate on those matters.

We receive in numbers outstanding post placement reports, thanks for your efforts.”

The Adoption Board examined the adoption law of RUSSIA on 28/7/1992. The Board decided that at that date adoptions carried out in accordance with the law of that country comply with the definition of a ‘foreign adoption’ as stated in s. 1 of the Adoption Act 1991. Adoptions carried out in accordance with the adoption law of RUSSIA and which satisfy the criteria stated in s. 1 of the Adoption Act 1991 MAY qualify for an entry in the Register of Foreign Adoptions. The Adoption Board commenced a review of the adoption law of RUSSIA on 21 January 2008. Applicants intending to adopt from RUSSIA are advised to seek independent legal advice prior to doing so.


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