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The Adoption Board examined the adoption law of INDIA on 28/5/2002. The Board decided that at that date certain adoptions effected by person’s of the HINDU faith and carried out in accordance with the law of that country MAY comply with the definition of a ‘foreign adoption’ as stated in S. 1 of the Adoption Act 1991. Full / plenary adoptions carried out in accordance with the adoption law of INDIA and which satisfy the criteria stated in s. 1 of the Adoption Act 1991 MAY qualify for an entry in the Register of Foreign Adoptions. Person’s intending to have a child placed with them in INDIA are advised to seek independent legal advice prior to doing so. The placement of the child in such circumstances MAY be contrary to S. 34 of the Adoption Act 1952 (as amended), i.e. the placement is not by the natural mother to a close relative or the HSE. The Adoption Board is currently reviewing the adoption law of India.


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