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Ireland-Guatemala Share your interest in Guatemala, and find information about adopting procedures.
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The Adoption Board examined the law of GUATEMALA on 11/2/1992. The Board decided that at that date ‘adoptions’ carried out in accordance with the law of that country DO NOT comply with the definition of a ‘foreign adoption’ as stated in s. 1 of the Adoption Act 1991 and subsequently DO NOT qualify for an entry in the Register of Foreign adoptions. The Adoption Board commenced a review of the adoption law of GUATEMALA on 21 January 2008. Applicants intending to adopt from GUATEMALA are advised to seek independent legal advice prior to doing so.

Temporary suspension of Adoptions from Guatemala

An Bord Uchtála has decided to temporarily suspend the issuing of Declarations of Eligibility & Suitability to adopt from Guatemala.

The Board is aware that Guatemala currently:

– does not have a functioning Central Authority;
– does not have a structure to investigate extended family placement or domestic adoption;
– does not have competent, public authorities handling the determination that the child is eligible for an intercountry adoption and ensuring that birth parents are counselled;
– does not prohibit improper payments and does not regulate permissible fees in the adoption process;
– does not have a system to accredit adoption service providers.

This temporary suspension will remain in place pending the outcome of efforts currently being taken by the Guatemalan authorities to bring their practices and procedures up to international standard. An Bord Uchtála wishes to express its support to the Guatemalan authorities in taking these steps.

No applications to adopt from Guatemala will be accepted after 15th August, 2007. Applications accepted before 15th August, 2007 may proceed.

After 15th August 2007, an application referring to a sibling of a child already adopted into Ireland from Guatemala, may proceed subject to confirmation from An Bord Ucht?la. Queries in this regard should be addressed to the Registrar.

If these applications and applications which precede the 15th August deadline, are successful the Declaration of Eligibility and Suitability will be accompanied by a letter of authorisation to adopt in Guatemala from the Adoption Board. From 15th August no adoption should take place from Guatemala unless accompanied by such a letter.

The Authorised Person and the Government of Guatemala are being informed of the Board’s decision. The Board wishes to state that it is satisfied with regard to the adoption of Guatemalan children previously effected under domestic legislation but it is taking this step due to the continuing international concern with regard to adoption practices in Guatemala.

31 July 2007


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