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[easyreview icon=”bluestar” title=”Review according to legislation and to our members” cat1title=”LGBT friendliness” cat1detail=”Legally accepted, socially it varies a lot… but usually negative attitude.” cat1rating=”3″ cat2title=”Possibility for single women to adopt” cat2detail=”Yes. No marriage or sexuality criteria.” cat2rating=”5″ cat3title=”Possibility for single men to adopt” cat3detail=”Yes. No marriage or sexuality criteria.” cat3rating=”5″ cat4title=”Possibility for same gender couples to adopt” cat4detail=”Yes, jointly or individually.” cat4rating=”5″ cat5title=”Recognition of same gender relationships” cat5detail=”Marriage since 2006.” cat5rating=”5″ summary=”One of the few African countries that you should have on your list if you are openly out.”]

Links to the Hague status

Party to the Hague Convention
Check out: http://irishpinkadoptions.com/reference-material/country-information/

Link to local Adoption Authority

The approval of the Commissioner of Child Welfare, a designated officer of the South African Department of Justice, is required in order for an adoption order to be issued. The Commissioner of Child Welfare will consider the parent(s)’ suitability for adoption and the best interests of the child with the input of a social worker accredited by the Department of Social Development.

The Department of Social Development is the central authority for all adoptions.



Link to local Adoption Agencies

The adoption procedure is initiated by contacting an accredited welfare organization which will identify a child who is eligible for adoption.

Sue Krawitz and Sheri Shenker
Social Workers with Impilo Children’s Home
Street Address
25 11th Ave., Orange Grove, 2192, South Africa
Mailing Address
P.O. Box 1675, Bramley, 2018, South Africa
Phone: 27-11-640-6685
Fax: 27-11-640-6838
Email: adopt1@iafrica.com
Website: www.adoptionsa.co.za

Debbie Wybrow and Brad Oliver
Wybrow-Oliver Attorneys
49 Edward Drive, Gillitts, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa, 3610
Phone: 09-27-31-767-4504
Fax: 09-27-31-767-1490
Email: wyboli@icon.co.za

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3 Responses to * South-Africa

  1. Reply from query to find out about the South-African situation:

    Thank you for your enquiry.

    South Africa does not have an adoption working agreement with Ireland. The process of entering into new working agreement with other foreign countries might be finalized after six months or so. You are most welcome to contact us again to enquire about the progress made.

    Kind regards

    [name removed]
    Central Authority: Inter-country adoption
    Department of Social Development
    Tel. 012-312 [removed]
    Fax. 012-323 [removed]
    Email [removed]

  2. Noel says:

    We may have an issue here…
    Here is a reply from the Central Authority:

    Your e-mail is acknowledged and has reference. The Department of Social Development as the custodian of the South African Central Authority on Inter-country Adoptions has just implemented the Children’s Act 38 of 2005 as amended. This legislation has a new provision on Inter-country adoptions. The Act requires that working agreements need to be entered into with foreign countries on inter-country adoptions. The Department has thus decided on certain countries to start with to enter into working agreements with. Ireland is not in our list for this current financial year 2010/2011 as we can not afford to work with all the countries in the world at the same time. A phased in approach of countries is being used and considered. Your keen interest in working with the Department of Social Development is noted and appreciated, however you will be contacted in the near future to explore these relations further.

    Your co-operation is highly valued.

    [name removed]
    Director: Adoptions and International Social Services
    National Department of Social Development

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