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March for Marriage 22/08/2010@2pm (City Hall, Dublin) – last push!

Like before, our most active members will be marching with the crowds for marriage this year. Sadly some of us just feel too pressured to do so. For the rest, we will have white knots’ ribbon and safety pins at … Continue reading

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Civil Partnership vs Marriage… Tax-payers vs Parents (HRinI guest blog)

Human Rights in Ireland contacted us to write a blog about the Civil Partnership from the point of view of the impact on children of gay couples. Here is the link: It has our guest blog but also read the … Continue reading

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Adoption Authority of Ireland, new website is now redirected to their new website: Adoption in Ireland is regulated by the Adoption Board / Authority which is an independent quasi judicial statutory body appointed by Government. Adoptions in Ireland commenced on the 1st January, 1953 … Continue reading

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RESOLVED (new website) Adoption Board website down, do not access direct links! is temporarily down. That is the homepage only. Some direct links still work, but it seems it is the same issue as in:, then it is not recommended to access them as a malware download could result. Here … Continue reading

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What is family? Online TV AnLá asked us

Online TV AnLár asked us to answer 5 questions, to illustrate the theme of this year’s Pride: “We are family too.” So we had a go at it. [spoilergroup][spoiler intro=”What does it take to be ‘family’?”] Friends are people you … Continue reading

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RESOLVED: The Adoption Authority of Ireland's website under attack

The Adoption Authority of Ireland’s website ( seems to have been attacked and is down for maintenance. (Malware) Do not try to log into any of the direct links as it may result in the download of malicious software on … Continue reading

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