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Civil Partnership vs Marriage… Tax-payers vs Parents (HRinI guest blog)

Human Rights in Ireland contacted us to write a blog about the Civil Partnership from the point of view of the impact on children of gay couples. Here is the link: It has our guest blog but also read the … Continue reading

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What is family? Online TV AnLá asked us

Online TV AnLár asked us to answer 5 questions, to illustrate the theme of this year’s Pride: “We are family too.” So we had a go at it. [spoilergroup][spoiler intro=”What does it take to be ‘family’?”] Friends are people you … Continue reading

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OpenFM 89.9 – Open Mouth – 23/06 – 8pm to 10pm – LGBT Adoption theme

Daily show: Tonight the discussion should be around LGBT adoption. Listen live: We have been invited on the panel, and I, Noël, will represent the group as our usual spokesperson, Andrew, is not available.

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Midweek TV3: feature on adoption (including pink adoptions)

Midweek TV3: feature on adoption (including pink adoptions) Today at 10pm. This week Midweek looks at adoption. Since 1952, more than 42,000 people in Ireland have been adopted. And will gay adoption ever be legal in Ireland? The video will … Continue reading

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First published media interview: gaeLick

First published media interview:  (From gaeLick)

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