Media Watch


What is it

Media watching is keeping a record of anything in the media (TV, Radio, Printed media, Cinema, News, etc.) that relates to the topics of adoption and other topics linked to how intercountry option is portrayed, and how it would impact a child subjected to these messages.

It includes but is not limited to:

  • Adoption;
  • Intercountry adoption;
  • Corruption and illegalities in intercountry adoption, baby buying and selling, crowded orphanages, etc;
  • Immigrants, asylum seekers, refugees, travellers, beggars;
  • Any group identified by reference to their biological characteristics alone;
  • Female infanticide, population gender imbalance;
  • Religious conflicts;
  • The image the media in Ireland gives of potential “countries of origin”;
  • The messages the child receives about herself.

It will be reported on at the beginning of each session.

It will often highlight intercountry adoption as a matter of public concern.

It raises the important issue of ‘telling the intercountry adoption story’ and the significance of this to the adopted person’s identity.

It introduces the theme ‘‘it takes a community to raise a child’’.

When is it used

It is used in the first session of the third phase: introduction to the preparation course to intercountry adoption and to the standards for homestudy assessments.
It is one of the first tasks you will have to do after the first session, and throughout the “group”.

It can also be a part of the “adoption story” for a child who has no information about her own past.

Tips and tricks

Think critically and literally. Pay special attention to the “hidden” messages.

Reflect on how accurate the information is.


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