Eco map


What is it

The eco map  is used to create awareness of your relationships with your Family tree, your work, your friends, your environment in general.

It can be done manually, but a software can be helpful to spend more time researching and less time re-drawing.

When is it used

It is created in Session 2 – Exploring adoption family trees and the importance of attachment
It is an input of stage four: planning the home study, along with the Time Pie Chart and the Family tree.

Tips and tricks

Use the same software as for Family tree.

Do one for each person in the couple if you are jointly assessed, including the environment of your partner: how do you relate to their work, friends, family?


  • Download for free, without any catch… up to:  Beta version 13e.
    For more advanced version and professional version: check their archives.
    This application (GenoPro Beta) can use “genograms” to build the family tree. It is very close from the a mix of the family tree and the ecomap… and is the only tool we found allowing same-gender couples and making representing adoption easy.
  • Adoption information booklets
  • Standard framework


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