The documents you will need


Under construction:

This section will be the most important for you in the process of applying for assessment.

It will allow you to be fully prepared and waste as little time as possible. Thus everyone saves time and energy.

Note that it is only indicative, as the requirements may change from time to time. Obviously we do not accept any liability for the usage you make of that information, or any impact it may have… if used unwisely, it could end up slowing down the process, as some documents are only valid a limited number of months after issue and thus should be be requested too early.

While this section is being built, refer to


These documents will be request from you and the up-to-date forms will be sent to you in your adoption package and throughout the process if needed. You will not find here any template or any definite document list. Just general guidelines regarding information you need to have at hand to quickly fill in these forms when they arrive.

Documents to come:

  • Medical report
    (If the doctor does not know you for more than 2 years, make sure s/he have your past records. Being a gay couple is a valid reason for not having children by procreation, but it is not an appropriate reason for your doctor to think you are not fit to be a parent)
  • Financial statements
    (Get your P60, know all your saving accounts and keep statements to prove the latest status)
  • Statement of earning from work
    (Make sure they call it that, even if they issue something named differently)
  • Loads of past payslips and bank statements
  • Consultants reports
    (Each and every single consultant you have visited, you are responsible to check they are available, or who holds your records and can fill in a report, and to follow-up with them)
  • Fertility treatment certificates, if relevant
  • Authorizations to the Gardái and Social services to investigate on you and report
    (You need ALL your addresses since birth)
  • Authorizations to foreign police and foreign social services to investigate on you and report
    (You need ALL the addresses outside of Ireland, and reports from countries where you lived more than a certain time. You need a letter from the Embassy of these countries to expalin why some reports or records do not exist in such countries, and what information can be deemed valid instead)
  • Original birth certs/official copy
    (In the A4 portrait format, bearing the exact surname you want your child to be called. The name as to be legible. You pay for it, demand they make it right! If you use a different version of your name you will need to make a deed poll to make it official.)
  • Certified translations for documents not in Irish or English.
  • Sworn Affidavit prior to applying
    (Explaining your circumstances and why you consider adopting and would be good parent(s))
  • Name of couples who are ready to vouch that you are good people and that you can take care of children.
    (At least one couple with children must live in Ireland, as well as be available for interview)
  • All the same information for the applicant who officially adopts but also for the partner, who is co-assessed.


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