Stage 8 – getting immigration clearance


People involved:

This section will be documented later.


A letter of Immigration clearance for your adopted child must be applied for and obtained from the Department of for Justice, Equality and Law Reform .

This document is to be surrendered to an immigration officer on arrival at an Irish port of entry.

Whatever is written on your declaration will be written on your Visa.

Also refer to:

Information and documents you will need:

The following documentation is required in order to process the Letter of Clearance.

  • Original Declaration from the Adoption Board (this will be returned to you)
  • Two passport size photographs of each of the adoptive parent(s)
  • A letter stating which country the child/children is/are being adopted from
  • A photocopy/photocopies of the passport(s) of the adoptive parent(s)
  • A statement of identity (if needed)

In the event of any subsequent change of nationality of the child to be adopted or in the event of the expiry of the original Immigration Clearance Letter issued, it should be noted that this original Immigration Clearance Letter must be returned to the Department before an amended letter can be issued.

Send all of the above to:

Ms. Marie Madigan
Immigration Clearance OIperations
Dept. of Justice, Equality & Law Reform
13-14 Burgh Quay
Dublin 2
Phone: 01 616 7700

Also refer to:

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