Stage 7 – seeking a referral (matching)


People involved:

  • The country’s central adoption authority must have contacts with the AAI
  • You must identify a mediation agency in Ireland or in the country


Matching is usually done by a mediation agency accredited by the Central Authority for the country you have chosen.

Contact is usually (but not alwys necessarily) made via a mediation agency accredited by the Irish Adoption Authority.

This section will be documented later, in the meantime refer to:

Latest AAI news:

AAI listed support :

Information and documents you will need:

The documents required for adopting abroad are similar for most countries.

Prospective adopters should check with their contact, agency or the relevant government department to obtain up-to-date information on requirements.

Documents should be originals or certified copies (e.g. birth certificates). Most countries require that all documentation be notarised before they will accept it. Some countries also require the documents to be translated into the relevant language.

  • Home study assessment – carried out by a recognised Adoption Agency or Government
  • Social Services e.g. The Health Boards.
  • Birth certificates.
  • Marriage certificates.
  • Statement of income from your Employer / or your Accountant if self-employed.
  • References – preferably a couple with children who is very familiar with both applicants
  • (cannot be family member)
  • Immigration clearance certificate.
  • Police Clearance – Domestic & Foreign (if applicable)
  • Medical Certificate from General Practitioner
  • Consultants / Psychiatrists / Specialists / Counsellors Reports if applicable.
  • Financial Statement
  • Photographs of adoptive parents.
  • Psychological evaluation (only required for some countries).

 Notorisation of documents

All documents in your pack will be required to be notarised.

Try to find a notary who is familiar with the adoption process and preferably with the requirements of your chosen country.

Check out

Also refer to:

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