2010-10-05: RTE1, Do the right thing: Journey To Belarus

Available for 20 days: http://www.rte.ie/player/#v=1081936

Do the right thing yourself: http://www.burrenchernobyl.ie/

http://www.rte.ie/tv/dotherightthing/episodes.html: Episode 5, Journey To Belarus

After the intrigue and drama of Greece the volunteers travel to Belarus for a weekend caring for orphaned children in the Vesnova Children’s Institution.

Under the watchful eye of Chernobyl Children International director Adi Roche the volunteers are thrown in the deep end: caring for kids with serious illnesses & severe physical disabilities. It’s an incredibly emotional challenge and some volunteers prove better than others at dealing with it. In the midst of all this the slightly shell-shocked group must also come together to put on an Irish-themed ‘theatrical event’. The show a big success with the volunteers’ tomfoolery and slapstick delighting and entertaining the kids. They also organise a sports event for the more able-bodied children which prompts drama as Brendan and Aisling come to the rescue of a boy in severe difficulties.

After a heart-rending visit to the unmarked graves of countless forgotten children the volunteers then head home having shared an experience which will undoubtedly have changed their lives forever. Back in Ireland the emotionally drained group then enter VHQ to take part in the week’s vote-out (the part of the show which they now all now cite as the most difficult). After much impassioned debate Michael is the boy who narrowly misses out (with a deeply conflicted Fiona forced to deliver the telling vote) while Bronagh is the girl who is forced to leave.

The eight survivors are then informed of their next challenge: A whistle-stop media blitz around the country to raise awareness for Trocaire.

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