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2010-08-31: Asylum seekers stage Mosney protest

Controversial move of unmarried asylum seekers from the Mosney Accommodation Centre to Hatch Hall in Dublin. Plan aims at saving on costs; protesters have health concerns and would prefer to see the reduction in cost achieve by speeding up the application process. Continue reading

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2010-08-27: South-Africa – Fighting talk as Vavi threatens general strike

COSATU general secretary Zwelinzima Vavi’s speech brought central Johannesburg to a standstill as thousands of public servants filled the streets in solidarity against government’s wage offer. Continue reading

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2010-08-27: Victims, adoption groups and opposition parties are now demanding a full investigation into all the vaccine trials on children in state care

THE Government was told about secret vaccine trials at least six years ago but has refused to investigate them ever since. Continue reading

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2010-08-25: Gay pride march in Kathmandu (Dominic Hannigan, gay Irish MP, took part in the parade)

Hundreds of homosexuals, dressed in vibrant colours, danced through city streets carrying banners appealing for an end to discrimination. Continue reading

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2010-08-23: Coronation Street – Becky is turned down for Adoption

Steve and Becky’s adoption application had been turned down. They think it is because she lied about smoking, it turns out that some of their references had gone against them. Continue reading

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2010-08-23: Adoption Rights Alliance, survivors and politicians calling for inquiry into trials of vaccines

Controversial vaccine trials were carried out in the 1960s and 1970s, on children in the care of the State without proper information being made available or the full consent of their parents or guardians. Continue reading

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2010-08-22: Campaigners in Dublin ‘march for marriage’

The LGBT campaign group ‘Noise’ organised a march to promote civil marriage for LGBT people. The Civil Partnership Bill, while allowing a gay couple to pay taxes as a couple, does not provide legal protections for LGBT parents and their children. Continue reading

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March for Marriage 22/08/2010@2pm (City Hall, Dublin) – last push!

Like before, our most active members will be marching with the crowds for marriage this year. Sadly some of us just feel too pressured to do so. For the rest, we will have white knots’ ribbon and safety pins at … Continue reading

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FAQ – How can adoption professionals help LGBT applicants?

Exploring fundamental contents

Emergence, development and current status of sexual orientation
Current experience of homosexuality and homophobia
Sources of support
Thoughts on gay adoption
Attitudes homoparental adoption by the boy or girl
Homophobia expressed reactions to the child or the child
Gender identity adoptees Continue reading

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2010-08-14: Scandals at home and abroad have shaken board

THE Adoption Board has been at the centre of a number of scandals concerning how domestic and foreign adoptions have been carried out since adoption was made legal in 1952. Continue reading

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2010-08-06: Sarkozy under fire over sharp anti-Roma rhetoric

Controversial vow to crack down on Gypsy criminals has brought the subject of Roma rights back into sharp focus across Europe, and has tensed relationships with Bulgaria and Romania. Continue reading

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Civil Partnership vs Marriage… Tax-payers vs Parents (HRinI guest blog)

Human Rights in Ireland contacted us to write a blog about the Civil Partnership from the point of view of the impact on children of gay couples. Here is the link: It has our guest blog but also read the … Continue reading

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Gay Dads: a celebration of fatherhood

Based on a thorough review of the literature, as well as interviews with a pioneering group of men who in the 1980’s chose to become fathers outside the boundaries of a heterosexual union. (Foster care, adoption, kinship) Continue reading

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